Divorce rates in the United States indicate approximately half of all marriages are ending in divorce. Divorce is undoubtedly a difficult emotional and financial process for all parties involved.
Divorce laws can be very complicated when it comes to the details involving filing procedures, child support, divorce grounds, and residency requirements. If you are considering divorce, a caring and qualified divorce attorney from McManus Law Firm can help you understand the divorce laws in Arkansas.


There are two types of divorce – contested and uncontested. Contested divorces tend to be much more emotionally difficult and stressful because the two parties cannot come to an amicable agreement on issues related to division of assets, allocation of debts and child custody.


An uncontested divorce tends to be less complicated since both parties agree to the terms. Typically, an uncontested divorce proceeds through the system faster than a contested one.

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Divorce often involves intense emotions from both spouses which often prohibits an easy resolution. Understanding divorce law and protecting your legal interests requires the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney. The professionals at McManus Law Firm can offer assistance and guidance during this difficult time in your life.